You’ve got to be in it to win it!


Welcome to the raffle is a great, fun and new way to win fantastic prizes through our online raffle prize draws.

We want you to have a great experience whilst entering our online raffle so why not give yourself a chance at winning that special something and make your day!!!

The online competition for prizes is open to all the general public, however, age restrictions apply. 

We want to make prize draws exciting and simple to enter so join in the fun and stand a chance at being a winner. 

 Great care is taken when selling raffle tickets and sourcing our fantastic prizes that are raffled in our online prize draw. So feel free to fill your raffle ticket basket to stand more of a chance at winning that amazing prize you were after. Here at the raffle, we provide a completely fair platform for our customers and users to win some fantastic prizes at a fraction of the retail cost. Free postal entries are taken as seriously as paid entries so you can rest assure and put your mind at ease and you will be added accordingly to the competition. FREE DELIVERY is a service that we provide and can always meet you at a convenient time that suits you. 

Our delivery drivers are kind and friendly and have been in the delivering business for a long time be for they work for our company due care is taken when items are being delivered across the UK to clients to ensure that prizes are not lost or damaged. We have so many grate offers to show the world as we are a new company first established is 2017 the great thing about that is we aim to please our customers as much as we can by throwing in so fantastic prizes for free. We also have an Instagram account @welcometotheraffleuk and a facebook page to welcome to the raffle. follow us to keep in touch with all the latest prizes and deals we are throwing all the time. This is the place where winners win and never give up. we hope you enjoy the experience with us. Tell a friend to tell a friend its time to have some fun.     

Good luck to all and happy raffling!

We still stand by our slogan you've got to be in it to win it.